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The Star Community is your opportunity to receive unprecedented access to Debra Silverman’s astrological insights, wisdom, and guidance.

It is your chance to join a revolutionary community. An inspired tribe who all share a common love of astrology to guide and transform their daily lives.

40 years of Expertise in Astrology
Master's in Clinical Psychology
The Star Community

A membership site with unprecedented access to Debra's unique approach to Astrology and its relevance in today's crazy world.

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  • ◊ Daily videos on where the moon is
  • ◊ Month at a glance plus retrograde and eclipse videos
  • ◊ Learn how to use Astrology in your daily life
  • ◊ Access to members-only content
  • ◊ Regular Live Q&A Sessions with Debra describing the sign of the month
  • ◊ Live Astrology workshops with Debra and special guests

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“Debra Silverman stood out in the midst of an endless sea of coaches, therapists and healers. Debra’s work is intuitive, smart, compassionate and direct and brings the heavens right down to earth in a way that is inspiring and easy to understand.
Hers is a well-needed vision in our complex times.”

- Seane Corn

internationally renowned yoga teacher and spiritual activist

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"My fairy godmother Debra is the one who brought me the gift of the stars and helped me unpack the lessons and messages they had for me.
The insight, meditations, and lessons that I have learned from astrology have truly changed my life. The study of the stars has helped me slip into the bigger picture and feel the connection of all creation."

Trevor Hall

Musician, Singer-songwriter and guitarist

more from: Seane Corn >

“What an amazingly creative way to teach and share Astrology...this is golden.”

- Diane S.

star community member

“I love our Star Community! I check in every day to see what’s going on in our star world. It also led me to Applied Astrology and I am absolutely loving every minute of it even when it sends me way outside my comfort zone. Thank you ever so much for this gift!"

- Ava G.

star community member

“Infinite love and gratitude! This is exactly what my soul has been needing and I am so ecstatic that you have created this sacred space.”

- Angela S.

star community member

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The Wait Is Over.
Our Community Is Here

The Star Community is a group of unique individuals who are curious about the bigger picture and are ready to find their place in it.

Hi, I’m Deb!

Astrology has me in love—with life, and the experience of being human. I am driven by a passion that started when I was in my 20’s that has propelled me to show others how easy Astrology is to understand and apply to our daily lives.

My dream is coming true. Now, there is a simple way for me to teach you the magic of the stars: I am going to help you remember why you are here.

That is why I created The Star Community.

Every month we’ll delve into one sign at a time. We'll watch videos together, and you'll be able to ask me questions directly as you connect with other members of The Star Community.
Did you know the moon changes signs every two days? You will get a new video describing its influence —just like a weather report.

This membership will provide you with a map—not just to the stars, but a map that leads to one place: kindness. Astrology cultivates understanding and compassion. It teaches us how to see through the eyes of the other. This is the awareness that leads all of us towards healing.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where are my people?”

Here we are.

I look forward to spending time with you each week!
Debra Silverman

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  • ◊ A monthly astrological forecast, featuring an overview of important planetary events. Grab your calendar and write them down!
  • ◊ Full Moon and New Moon Videos about current lunar positions.
  • ◊ Mercury Retrograde announcements, explaining what to expect.
  • ◊ Live Q & A sessions, where Debra provides insights.
  • ◊ Beautifully-produced videos about each Zodiac Sign.
  • ◊ Backstage Pass Videos that peak behind the scenes into Debra’s world.
  • ◊ Special Community events and social gatherings.
  • ◊ Access to The Star Community Private Facebook Group.
  • ◊ How to prepare for eclipses and tough transits.
  • ◊ Exclusive live workshops with Debra on how to learn astrology.


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who has been inspiring people with her knowledge of astrology and psychology for over 40 years. The Star Community is a chance to experience her gifts first-hand. Debra uses humor to connect with people and show you the world through Astrology's lens of compassion and love.